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Active tourism

The province of Malaga’s benign climate and strategic location, and the impressive places, parks and natural areas on the Costa del Sol make this region an exceptional destination both for tourists looking for a setting where they can enjoy active vacations to the fullest and for visitors who simply want to combine a relaxing stay with activities that are somewhat outside the traditional travel mainstream.

Turismo activo en la Costa del SolThe Costa del Sol offers everyone an extremely broad array of options and opportunities that seek two primary objectives: to make the visits of the most active visitors more exciting and to make available to tourists seeking new thrills an interesting menu of services and suggestions with entertainment alternatives for all tastes and profiles.

Although many businesses have helped to promote and diversify the adventure tourism offer of the province of Málaga, they all have one common denominator: scrupulous adherence to the safety and risk prevention rules governing the activities they perform. Firms on the Costa del Sol that specialise in this field comply, without exception, with the most exacting legal requirements, have obtained the necessary authorisations, certifications and accreditations. They are staffed by professionals and experts who guarantee absolutely meticulous execution of the programmes they offer.

Their clients are as varied as their activities, some of which are no longer directed only at tourist groups, families or individual visitors but are also designed with incentives travellers in mind, or even business travellers or executives who choose to combine their work-related stay on the Costa del Sol with extreme sports or “challenges a la carte”.

All-terrain vehicle excursions, horseback trips, hiking and trail walking or canoeing are only a few of the options offered by these businesses, some of which have come to specialise in such specific services as extreme sports like canyoning, rappelling or bungee jumping. There are even some agencies that prepare survival courses, design military obstacle courses and stage multi-adventure “raids”, as well as other activities designed for the most intrepid clients who, in short, are seeking extreme thrills.

Moreover, the unique characteristics of some specific enclaves in the province of Málaga make them ideal locations for performing certain activities, such as paragliding, a high-flying sport that has found an area with especially suitable characteristics for its practice in the famous Abdalajís valley; rock climbing, which has turned the El Chorro gorge into a Mecca for devotees of this sport, or trips in aerostatic balloons that are so often to be seen in the sky above the lovely Ronda highlands.

However, these are only a few of the choices available to the tourist on the Costa del Sol. Countless activities can be performed on its coast, such as hang gliding or water skiing, as well as Jet Ski excursions or diving in sites of such extraordinarily high environmental value as the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs.

The extremely broad range of options included in the province of Málaga’s adventure offer is supplemented by other alternative attractions such as sky diving, spelunking (an activity which is exceptionally interesting in the El Gato cave, for instance), motocross routes, mountain bicycle trips or trail walking, which at present ranks as one of the most common activities among visitors to the Costa del Sol. Practically every village in the province offers specific routes for trail walking. As a result, this activity can be practiced in any area and in any of them, the visitor will be able to enjoy landscapes of utmost ecological value.

Málaga features an extraordinary number of natural spaces suitable for any activity whose essential basis is contact with the natural environment. Some outstanding places in this respect are El Chorro, which in Los Gaitanes has one of the most impressive gorges in Spain; El Torcal in Antequera, which includes several foot paths inside a karstic zone that is one of the most spectacular in Europe; and the Peña de los Enamorados, in the locality of the same name, which contains an important complex of prehistoric monuments (the Viera and El Romeral dolmens). One should also not fail to visit such attractive settings for trail walking as the Llanos de Líbar (Libar plains), the El Gato cave, La Sauceda, El Torrecilla (the highest peak in Málaga), the Cañada de las Carnicerías (Las Carnicerías ravine) or the Bermeja, Mijas, Almijara and Tejeda mountain ranges, among many other enormously scenic and ecologically valuable areas to be found across the length and breadth of the province.

The Costa del Sol’s natural and geographic circumstances, combined with its ever-alert entrepreneurial initiative, have succeeded in placing this region among the premier international destinations for all types of adventure sports or activities. These disciplines are no longer reserved to specialists and professionals in those fields, as in Málaga they have been made accessible to all types of visitors and especially to those who are looking for a different and more dynamic kind of vacation, in short, a more active one


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